Experiments in Electronics- part two

By cuspeditions, Mar 28 2017 03:41PM

Vortex Jazz Club

11 Gillett Square

N16 8


9th April 2017

19.30 - 22.30


Cusp artists David Ross and Clive Bell will perform in a trio with Marjolaine Charbin:

Welcome to part two of 'experiments in electronics' - the second part of a three-gig residency at The Vortex, exploring electronic soundscapes and instruments...

Part two is:

9th April - Chris Dowding (solo), Sudden Amusements (duo), Clive Bell / Marjolaine Charbin / David Ross (trio)

In this second night of the residency, Chris Dowding will play a solo piece, 'Piano Angel', inspired by the pianist Craig Taborn, and featuring trumpet and electronics.

Sudden Amusements are a processed trumpet and field recordings duo of Oliver Payne (field recordings & electronics) and Chris Dowding (processed trumpet & electronics).

Oliver Payne has an interest in typically inaudible voices in natural environments, recorded using alternative methods to capture sounds such as geophones, inductor coils and hydrophones.

Chris Dowding performs regularly with Natural Causes (www.naturalcauses.org.uk), Rude 2.0 (with the trombonist Annie Whitehead) and leads the Moonrise Trio.

The evening ends with the trio of Clive Bell, David Ross and Marjolaine Charbin. Individually, the have collaborated with Jah Wobble, Evan Parker and David Toop - and this is a first ever trio performance in this combination.